Phone Scam Alert!

We want to make our customers aware of a SCAM that has already been reaching some of our customers. Please see the details below regarding the Scam and be on high alert of calls.

 Calls are coming in from someone, which often has their own phone number in the caller ID. These callers are foreign speaking and they say they are from Microsoft and in an effort to crack down on all the hackers they will be shutting off their IP address.  This is a SCAM – they just want access to your PC so they can install something on it and then you would have to pay them to have it removed so you can use your PC again.  This is the only example we are aware of but as long as the government is shutdown these calls cannot be reported therefore there has been a rise on scam calls. Scammers will use many different attempts and reasons to scam the public to gain money; for example, some may be receiving calls that their bill is past due and has to be paid before it is cut off. Please be cautious of all calls coming in and if you are unsure or want to report another version of a scam call, please feel free to contact us at 423-586-4121.