Mike Fawbush Wins Vicky Wilson Excellence Award

Mike Fawbush Award

Congratulations to Mike Fawbush for winning the Vicky Wilson Excellence Award! Mike is over the IT Department and does an incredible job. We appreciate all the hard work he puts into making sure our customers and employees get the best experience here at MUS. The award is in recognition of extraordinary contributions to the utility industry through the advancement of technology and superior dedication to peers through Utility Technology Association.  Congratulations Mike!

The Utility Technology Association
UTA (Utility Technology Association) was originally formed back in 1981 as UDPO (Utility Data Processing Organization). In 2002 the name was changed to better reflect this organization and the direction it was headed in the ever-changing world of Information Technology. 

UTA is a technology support group for utility personnel looking for new and innovative ideas to ensure our strength and growth in the utility business world. Through this group they accomplish the following: 

  • Provide an intellectual venue for persons associated with Information Technology to explore both issues and solutions to topics of relevance for utilities in the South Eastern US.
  • Provide a physical location for this venue that will facilitate the attendees as well as special guests and their instructional aids.
  • Provide an environment whereby members can network with each other in both professional and social settings.  

 The Vicky Wilson Excellence Award began in 2009.  This prestigious honor is awarded to one individual in the UTA organization each year who has went above and beyond the call of duty to excel this organization, and technology within the utility industry, forward.  

 The inscription on the award reads:
 In recognition of extraordinary contributions to the utility industry through advancement of technology, and superior dedication to peers through Utility Technology Association. 

  Vicky Wilson, who the award was named after, is also employed by Morristown Utilities.  Vicky has been very involved in UTA and instrumental in sharing technology throughout the utility industry and the TVA valley.   Vicky Wilson Turner is the Customer Service Manager at MUS.  We are so proud to have dedicated employees such as Mike and Vicky on our team!