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The Morristown Utilities Commission (MUC) serves power to approximately 14,500 customers in the city of Morristown. With a peak system load of 170 MW, MUC receives power from TVA at two delivery point substations which subsequently feeds ten distribution substations in a redundant scheme.  All distribution lines are protected by state-of-the-art digital relays and multiple 3-phase reclosers, providing the optimum in line coordination and fault isolation.  
At the Power Operations Center, MUC maintains our award winning reliability by utilizing our fiber optic network to monitor the electrical system performance via Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), smart metering (AMI), and an Outage Management System (OMS). 

The City of Morristown has three industrial parks, the most recent near Interstate I-81.  Industrial/Commercial loads account or over 75% of energy sold. 


FiberNET provides video, Internet and voice products with local service, lower rates and advanced technology. Utilizing a 100% fiber optic connection, FiberNET offers the advantages of broadband Internet with capabilities only available through fiber optic technology..

Video services are offered through a digital/IP based technology that provides over 300 channels, video on demand, free on demand and host of other services.

Internet services provide speed offerings up to 1 Gigabit with download and upload speeds faster than the competition, private email accounts with built-in spam filtering.

Voice products include everything from call waiting and caller ID to unlimited long distance and voicemail.


The Morristown Utilities Commission (MUC) Water Department is a regional system which serves the City of Morristown and four (4) surrounding utility districts that spread into Hamblen, Grainger, and Jefferson Counties.

Currently, peak day production is approaching 13 million gallons of water (MGD) and an average daily production of 9 MGD with approximately half of the production sold to the surrounding utility districts. MUS recently completed a water treatment plant expansion, raising plant capacity to 24 MGD in anticipation of water usage needs for the next 20 years.

Water quality and production are monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week with a state of the art Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Computer System. The current water distribution system has approximately 275 miles of pipe, numerous water storage reservoirs, and pump stations placed throughout the City of Morristown.

The City of Morristown currently has an Insurance Service Organization (ISO) rating of 3 with 1 being the highest and 10 the lowest ranking. Forty percent (40%) of the classification is based upon the MUS Water Distribution System capacity. MUC Water Department strives to maintain the highest water quality standards and lowest operating expenses while providing one of East Tennessee’s lowest water rates.


The Morristown Utilities Commission (MUC) Wastewater Department is a regional system which serves the City of Morristown and parts of Hamblen County. On a daily average, MUC treats 3.5 MGD. 

Wastewater treatment is also monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week with a state of the art Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Computer System.

The collection system consists of approximately 370 miles of pipe, several holding reservoirs and sewer pump stations. The MUC Wastewater Department operates in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) to ensure systems operations meet and exceed TDEC requirements.